Welcome to +healing trip bodywork english language site.


Thank you for your interest in taking a +healing trip with us! Yakushima Island has many beautiful sights for you to enjoy. From the ocean hot springs to the top of Shiratani, there is so much to see and experience here. The amazing natural setting brings a sense of wonder and calmness to those who live in the hustle and bustle of the city. Why not completely reset your mood and physical body with a journey within yourself with a body work session at +healing trip?


Now on Yakushima island! +healing trip shop is offering many unique types of treatment. +healing trip sessions are not only body experience but also an inner experience too.

From short, medium, deep and long trips, head vacation and foot treatment.

We can take your body anywhere!


Our style of body work uses many techniques drawn from traditional Northern Thai massage, dynamic osteo-thai methods, gentle, rocking techniques, acupressure and western modalities like relaxing cranial sacral therapy,   face massage along with foot reflexology.


The + in front of the healing trip symbolizes what we need to add to our daily life travels.

Please come to our shop for a relaxing +healing trip!



 BODY TRIP   (full body treatment )  

   For the ultimate in relaxing trips, we recommend a longer journey like our long and deep trips!


                       long trip  120min.    ¥12,000 


                       heart trip 90min.       ¥9,000 


                       short trip  60min.       ¥6,000


                       deep trip  150min.    ¥15,000



   Loosen up your feet and legs before trekking/climbing or get treatment for those tired, sore feet afterwards!


                                         30min.      ¥3,500


                                         60min.      ¥6,000



   includes head/neck/shoulder/chest. highly recommended for relaxing your tired and stressed out mind!


                                          60min.     ¥6,000


                                          90min.     ¥9,000





Our services is available also for out call massage to your hotel or place you are staying!

+healing trip bodywork is available from 10 am to 10pm with reservation only.

(you can reserve on this website , healingtripbodywork@gmail.com or call telephone 090-3510-5548)

 Please contact us for more information or go down below and reserve your trip now!


+healing trip bodywork and rung rung naam shop is located in Mugio,Yakushima.

we are located on the small road off the main highway across Vita restaurant.

you will see Spicy Book Cafe and 6kakudo Cottage at the road entrance.

go down to the end of the road and you will see us on the left!