Thank you for your interest in taking a +healing trip with us!

Yakushima Island has many beautiful sights for you to enjoy.

From the ocean hot springs to the top of beautiful moutains, there is so much to see and experience here. The amazing natural setting brings a sense of wonder and calmness to those who live in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Why not completely reset your mood and physical body with a journey within yourself with a body work session at +healing trip?


 +healing trip sessions are not only body experience but also an inner experience too.

We can take your body anywhere!


Our style of body work uses many techniques drawn from traditional Northern Thai massage, dynamic osteo-thai methods, gentle, rocking techniques, acupressure and western modalities like relaxing cranial sacral therapy,   face massage along with foot reflexology.


The + in front of the healing trip symbolizes what we need to add to our daily life travels.

Please come to our shop for a relaxing +healing trip!



 BODY TRIP   (full body treatment )  



                      BODY TRIP             1session     ¥12,000  


                    Your treatment includes 30 min. of initial consultation and post-massage feedback and 90 min. bodywork.





                    LONG TRIP             1session    ¥15,000


                 Your treatment includes 30 minutes of initial consultation and post-massage feedback and 120 min. bodywork.



If you choose to receive a body trip with Kenneth , you can expect to receive a treatment catered towards what your body and mind is needing in that moment. In his twenty years of experience as a body worker, he has treated thousands of clients who have mostly come because of chronic pain and problems related to injuries. In order to be able to relax and enjoy life, you need to be free of worry and most of all, pain. Whether you are sore from the hiking up to Shiratani, suffering from low back problems related to that old sports injury or work or just want to chill out island-style, please come and go on a body trip with us!


about us


Takade Yasuo Kenneth 


Kenneth has been a working therapist and yoga teacher for over 20 years. He specializes in treating chronic pain issues and injury with an eclectic bodywork style which incorporates both Eastern and Western ideas and modalities. Drawing from his experiences working with thousands of clients and years of study and teaching, Kenneth uses techniques drawn from Western therapies such as deep tissue and sports massage to Eastern therapies such as Shiatsu, Tui na, and Thai massage. For the last 10 years, he has been using a style incorporating Osteopathic theory and Traditional Thai yoga massage called Osteothai. Osteothai uses specific techniques that give back vitality and movement to problem areas while giving a holistic overall body treatment. Traditional stretching and compression techniques from Thai massage are blended with techniques that increase the range of motion in the clients joints and improves the circulation of blood and fluids that are needed for the body to recover. Gentle harmonic, rocking, pumping, rotational, and oscillatory movements bring down an overexcited nervous system and sets the stage for the rebalancing of a pained and injured body. It can dynamic in its approach, gentle if need be, or a combination of both according to what the patient's body is saying. Almost everyone can receive Kenneths treatments as there are few contraindicated conditions that prohibit this type of bodywork.


Kenneth's journey to learn, practice, work, and teach has taken him to the jungles of Sri Lanka and Costa Rica to the metropolitan settings of Tokyo and Chiang Mai. He has had the honor and pleasure to learn from teachers like Ajahn Pischet, Mama Lek, Ajahn Singchai, Mama Nit, Jack Chaya, Coocky Tassanee, Arno Lhermitte, and David Lutt. His list of clients has included musicians such as Brian Wilson, Jack Johnson, The Dead, Steve Miller, and the String Cheese Incident to Everest climber Jimmy Chin. But his focus has always been on anyone who has suffered from chronic pain and has sought relief through bodywork.




Kanako Shirata


Kanako has been a working therapist for over 20 years.

Her style of sessions are very unique in that she mixes Thai massage with dynamic movement and more gentler techniques like a cranial-sacral work.  Her goal is to treat her clients to a completely, relaxed body journey .



+healing trip bodywork and rung rung naam shop is located in Onoaida,Yakushima.