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Kenneth Takade        ケネス タカデ(ケニー)







ここ10年は、Osteothai オステオタイという オステオパシー理論と伝統的なタイ式マッサージを取り入れた施術を積極的に取り入れています。海外で開催されるオステオタイのワークショップではアシスタントとして参加しています。タイ式のストレッチや持続圧にオステオパシー的見解の関節可動域を調節する、血流を整えることで自然治癒力を高めるといった理論を合わせて体をトータルに整えてゆきます。


丁寧でソフトなタッチで調和のとれた ロッキング、パンピング、回旋といったオステオパスのテクニックを用いて緊張した神経を鎮め、体の再調整を誘導します。時に動的、時に穏やかに受け手の身体の声を聞きながら進めてゆきます。ほとんど禁忌事項がないので、ケニーのトリートメントはほどんどの方が受けることができます。


Takade Yasuo Kenneth 


Kenneth has been a working therapist and yoga teacher for almost 20 years. He specializes in treating chronic pain issues and injury with an eclectic bodywork style which incorporates both Eastern and Western ideas and modalities. Drawing from his experiences working with thousands of clients and years of study and teaching, Kenneth uses techniques drawn from Western therapies such as deep tissue and sports massage to Eastern therapies such as Shiatsu, Tui na, and Thai massage. For the last 10 years, he has been using a style incorporating Osteopathic theory and Traditional Thai yoga massage called Osteothai. Osteothai uses specific techniques that give back vitality and movement to problem areas while giving a holistic overall body treatment. Traditional stretching and compression techniques from Thai massage are blended with techniques that increase the range of motion in the clients joints and improves the circulation of blood and fluids that are needed for the body to recover itself. Gentle harmonic, rocking, pumping, rotational, and oscillatory movements bring down an overexcited nervous system and sets the stage for the rebalancing of a pained and injured body. It can dynamic in its approach, gentle if need be, or a combination of both according to what the patient's body is saying. Almost everyone can receive Kenneths treatments as there are few contraindicated conditions that prohibit this type of bodywork.



Kanako Shirta                  しらた  かなこ



2002年に1年間 タイ チェンマイに滞在し、タイマッサージを学び始めました。